Anonymous asked:

How do you speculate/theory Elena will get her memories back cause it won't easy and can't be like here you go. "here's 3 years of your life back…sorry that the consequence of them being taken away from you made you go crazy" Do you think Elena will be to far gone (guess a darker path) forric to compel them back, would her brain just implode with be rewired again and again, will elena be faced with guilt with what she did as rewired elena, will she be away from mystic falls in general..or ???

insightfuldamon answered:

I hope that she’s far gone. I hope that this fucks her up…I want this so bad, I’ve been spouting it for what feels like years. I don’t think she’ll be the same, but I don’t know how far the show is going to take it. They could have her go back to drugs to fill the empty void, have a problem controlling her cravings, or she could move on and start her own life. The 6x4 synopsis says that Stefan shows her how to start a new life, which I think is foreshadowing her actually trying to start her own life…what drives her to do so, I don’t know, but my guess is that it happens sometime before Damon comes back. 

But think about it, he relationships are completely changed. With Damon gone, the reason she and Stefan broke up is going to affect her more powerfully. Contrary to what any SE’r would say, there are multiple reasons they broke up…one of which being him treating her like a broken toy…but think about the other relationships…memories with Jer and Alaric would be altered too. So, with that confusion, has to mess with her…plus her heightened emotional state…should get interesting.

Plus, I hope she kills Liam…



When he gave her the necklace on her birthday, she loved him.

When he risked his life in danger and she wanted to give up all plans, she loved him

When they were searching for Stefan, she loved him

When she didn’t want him to be what other people thought he was(a…